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Attention ! Please Read !! Check before you make order online.


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Recently we have got several mails all over the world referring to us some websites that are currently representing a range of TGB products for sale.
These websites have a lot in common, their product prices are discounted by huge amount, their contact details are obscure and difficult to find and they are generally registered offshore.
Please do not be misled regarding these fraudulent sites, as we do not believe that they are genuine in any manner. They do not belong to TGB or any of our official authorized distributors.
Besides above mentioned, you can also spot a fake, fraudulent or scam website by doing some further check before you place an order and remit your payment.
Website location~ Please use and enter the website domain to check the location of the host. If the website is not based in your country, and sells any goods at discounted prices, then we would advise caution.
SSL – Secure Socket Layer ~You can use your browser to see the websites credentials and also to tell if the data you are sending when entering details is encrypted. Do not enter any data into an unencrypted page. Normally this is confirmed by your browser on the top left of the URL address details.
Payment Gateway ~Check the payment gateway supplier and/or the payment vendor. It is very unusual for a website to not use a recognized payment management company that you will recognize. And you will note when entering the gateway your browser will show it is encrypted. If you do not see this or recognize the payment provider then do some due diligence before proceeding.
Check the returns policy~ If the company is selling a product online, it should have a shipping and returns policy listed on its website. A real company should tell you how and where to return a faulty item. They should also have terms and conditions, and a privacy policy that tells you exactly what it plans to do with any data you share and any extra contractual rights you may have.
We are currently contacting all the ISP's that are hosting these websites and informing them of our beliefs that these websites are attempts at fraud. We will also continue to monitor for new sites that appear.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, or if you find a website that is suspicious.
Thank you very much.
Taiwan Golden Bee Co., Ltd

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